Host Niagara Training

Want to avoid travel expense and save on participant fees?  Host a Niagara training session at your site.

Nordicity will provide all of the equipment, materials, and instruction required to host a Niagara training at your location.  We can bring any of our training sessions to you:

  • Niagara 4 Technical Certification training
  • Niagara 4 End User training
  • Advanced Niagara 4 Technical Certification training
  • BACnet overview training

We can bring our training to you for classes between 5 and 15 people.  Pricing is flexible, based on the number of participants, and covers all expenses associated with the training (except training room use or rental).

We are currently booking onsite classes in Q3 and Q4 2024.  

Contact us today for rates and available dates.